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Thutmose - sin looked left and right along the line, and saw that every tenth man had raised bow or lance into the air.

The warriors were more than ready. Their reward for the days of hard riding awaited them. They took their time negotiating the downslope. With fresh horses, they would have raced down the incline and covered the last two miles in an exuberant rush. But after five days of riding, no man wanted to risk a valuable but weary horse—not with the end of their journey so near. When they reached the plain, the line of horsemen became more ragged as the land flattened out.

Small bands of riders detached themselves from the wings and began sweeping the countryside. They would search the outlying fields and scattered farmhouses, driving any inhabitants toward the village. The main body of warriors cantered through fields of golden wheat and barley, Thutmose - sin at their head. They soon reached the broad, well - trodden path that led up to the village. Two minutes at a smooth gallop and they had passed the outermost dwellings.

They rode past a few scattered dirt - eaters, ignoring the screaming women, frightened men, and crying children.

A rough wooden fence as tall as a man might have slowed them for a moment, but the crude gate stood open and undefended. The warriors swept through unopposed.

Mengenai Saya

Thutmose - sin saw the first dirt - eater die. An old man, stumbling in fear, tried to reach the safety of a hut.

A warrior struck downward with his sword, then raised the now - bloodied blade high into the air and shouted his war cry. Arrows snapped from bows, striking down men and women caught in the open.

The riders fanned out, some dismounting to search the huts, sword or lance in hand, looking for victims. Anyone who resisted would die, of course, but many would be killed just for the sport or to satisfy a thirst for blood.

The rest would be spared. The Alur Meriki needed slaves, not bodies.

Thutmose - sin ignored the clamor as he rode slowly through the village, the ten members of his personal guard now surrounding him in the narrow lane. Some houses hid behind high mud walls, while others had small gardens setting them back from the lane. He reached the gathering place at the heart of the village, a large open space with a wide stone well in its center.

More than a dozen carts, their dirty linen awnings flapping in the light breeze, crowded the marketplace.

A few still had their wares upon them, though all stood deserted. A rich village, as his scouts had promised. After a pause to let the horses drink some water from the well, Thutmose - sin picked out a wider lane that led toward the rear of the village.

They followed its path until they reached the river. Here he halted, then slid easily to the ground, handing the halter to one of his men.

A wooden dock extended a dozen paces into the Tigris. Then he stopped and stared at the opposite bank.

Eskkar & Trella – The Beginning Book

A ferry provided passage to the other side, but the abandoned craft sat on the opposite bank, along with three smaller vessels, all empty. He noticed that the flat - sided ferry rested at an odd angle. Some dirt - eaters must have opened its bottom. On the opposite shore, the land rose steeply into a hillside dotted with date palms and poplars.

Thutmose - sin could see hundreds of people moving frantically up those slopes, some leading animals, others carrying their meager belongings, men helping their women and children.

Most followed a crooked road that climbed toward a gap between the nearest hills.

Almost all stole quick glances back toward the river, terrified that the grim riders would pursue them. Action packed, the love story of Eskkar and the slave girl Trella is set against the background of a barbarian invasion. Empire Rising. Picks up the story where Dawn of Empire ends, and relates the development and creation of the first city state.

Eskkar & Trella – The Beginning pdf epub

Conflict of Empires. The third in the Eskkar series begins two years after the events described in Empire Rising. A new threat to the fledgling city state of Akkad has arisen, and Eskkar and Trella are faced with the need to develop a professional army to face the threat of attack from their southern neighbors.

Together Eskkar and Trella develop the support structure necessary to wage war. The forces of Akkad will be outnumbered, and only the quality of their new fighting force can save the city.

The fourth in the Eskkar Series, but the prequel to "Dawn of Empire.

Eskkar grows to manhood learning the skills of a warrior and a leader of men, skills that he will need one day to defend mankind's first walled city. Trella, too, sees her family destroyed, and herself sold into slavery.

She must use all the power of her mind to manipulate the men who now own her body. As they journey toward each other and the village of Orak, both are preparing themselves for the epic struggle that will face them, and for the love that will bind them forever. Battle For Empire. The fifth book in the Eskkar Series.More than a dozen carts, their dirty linen awnings flapping in the light breeze, crowded the marketplace. The novel also dragged in some parts, and it was harder to finish than the first novel.

Jul 18, Denise rated it it was amazing. We should put the past behind us and press forward, trusting in God's redeeming power. Nearly three hundred warriors formed a single line across the hilltop, with Thutmose - sin at their center.