“Etherscope” Core Rule Book, new to the Victorian Adventure While the physical book is out of print, you can download the pdf via RPGnow. Items 1 - 7 of 7 An Etherscope adventure for level 6 characters This special PDF presents the as part of the second printing of the Etherscope core rulebook. Items 1 - 6 of 6 An Etherscope adventure for level 6 characters This special PDF presents the as part of the second printing of the Etherscope core rulebook.

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his core rulebook provides you. with a complete set of rules to play. Etherscope. You dont need anything else to begin playing, save for a few dice and. This is a compilation of the last 21 pdf share threads and the .. Main Rules, White Line Fever Expansion, All White Dwarf Articles: . gonddetheppolad.cfire. com/download/i3p3hrixlxokgj5/ Core rulebook. For our families and the memory of John Henry Greenwood, loving grandfather of Nigel McClelland, whose support and belief have made this .

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To this point, I have focussed on elements of Etherscope as a game that fit pretty snugly with the classical d20 game model. But Etherscope extends some d20 concepts a little with social templates and influences. Working backwards, influences define your connections in society.

You can have influences at a number of levels, but they generally strongly depend on your social caste.

Social templates define the social circles that a character belongs to, and are more broadly categorized into three social classes, working such as craftsmen and criminal social templates , middle such as the tradesman and constabulary social template , and upper such as academic and idle rich social templates.

Where social templates differ is that they offer extra-cheap knowledge skills costing one-half of the normal cost and that they determine which influences are downloadd at what price. Though influence points are derived from your class, much like skill points, the cost of influence points are determined by your template.

I do question why charisma was not used as a source of bonus points for influences. Perhaps the authors felt that in combination with the etherscope rules see below that it would make charisma too powerful. Character creation in Etherscope pulls a lot from d20 Modern. I have come to see D20 Modern as the gaming equivalent of a good mixer Still, for this, the base classes seem a bit forced to me. Etherscope, interestingly, does what no other D20 Modern setting or variant has done to date.

It takes those six D20 Modern base classes and makes them into something with a bit stronger flavor grounding in the setting. The choice of the concepts behind the classes was careful, and in some ways they capture the essence of the basic concept the mechanics seem to convey better than the generic d20 Modern classes might have if they were applied directly.

But since etherscope shifts the definition and scope of classes modestly, such a character could be defined using a class that does not seem like it defines your character. Similarly, the scoundrel, which maps most easily to the fast hero class, has a fast talk talent tree that might have formally mapped to the rogue. Of course you could realize these concepts with multiclassing in D20 Modern, but this can complicate things a bit much for some players.

Beyond trying to more assertively make up for differences in the combat related statistics for each class, the reasoning for the differing arrangements for different classes is not clear to me, though I might venture that the authors felt that some classes needed more or less access to the variety of talent trees. In addition to the support for the usual d20 bits and the new influence mechanic, the class writeups provide support for the new etherscope rules.

All base classes have a d6 scope dice, though some have talents that expand on this, and some advanced classes have larger scope dice.

Skipping ahead, scope combat is curious. The result is something that strongly resembles the 2e rules for combat in the astral plane: for the purposes of combat, mental statistics are replaced with physical ones strength with intelligence, dexterity with wisdom, and constitution with charisma. Instead, it is governed by a skill called scope use immersed.

The ranks in the skill are used almost like levels to determine these modifiers. Though the skills list is fairly similar to the standard d20 modern skill with, with the expected extensions due to the curious nature of Etherscope technology, a new skill type are the fighting technique skills.

These skills have feat requirements in order to take ranks in them, and each skill is unique and separate like language categories. Each skill has a list of maneuvers associated with it.

Nevertheless, Etherscope has neither time nor space travel and is, in fact, set in the 20th Centaury. The concept of the Ether, either as the fifth element, was investigated alongside the Law of Entropy. Etherspace is a new dimension. By tapping into this dimension man — the British — has a powerful new energy source and ways to create powerful and impressive new machines. Technological advances run rampant but the Victorian class system does not evolve. The British did nothing to stop the expanding German republic as they did not consider Germany to be any threat at all.

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America sailed to defend Japan when Japanese expansion annoyed the British navy. London remains capital of the Empire, though. It was an invention from America which opened Etherscope even further.

In the s an American discovery allowed the transfer of human consciousness to the Ether. Passing into the Etherscope is a common pastime for the rich and famous now but the devices required to do this are restricted in Britain. For now, though, whatever the American truth is the new world provides a juxtaposition to the inequality of the Victorian style Britain.

In Etherscope the poor are very pool. The poor lucky enough to have homes might live in coffin flats. There might be gas lights outside. Levitating Hackney cabs might float on by outside the multi-story buildings as they take the rich from one exclusive venue to another, just as exclusive, venue.

Eugenics are a core element in Etherscope. A labour driven recession would affect the rich and that simply would not do. The basic classes of Etherscope are built with talents, which enable you to tailor your characters abilities to suit your concept.

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Social Templates and Influences: Social class is a crucial aspect of Victorian society that Etherscope uses game systems to portray. These systems are a key new aspect of character creation and development in Etherscope. Your character has a social template, which defines his position in society. Influences are a new trait that behave similarly to skills but represent your characters standing and familiarity within specific circles of society.

Most importantly, influences replace the need for the Gather Information skill, highlighting the difficulties your character has in obtaining information from people other than those of his own social class.

Wealth Checks: Etherscope uses a wealth bonus system to quantify your characters ability to download goods and services. Unlike other systems, your characters Wealth bonus in Etherscope is rigid and rarely goes up or down. This represents the lack of financial mobility of the Victorian period and captures an oppressive atmosphere that is well suited to the cyberpunk genre.

The intent of this rule is to capture both a level of lethality in combat as well as allow last-gasp heroic actions. The dying saving throw captures both themes in a single mechanic, with the added advantage of being a neater system than counting to Disarms and Striking Weapons: There are a number of different rule systems existing within OGL sources for explaining how to resolve disarms, weapon strikes, and other nonstandard attacks.

We wanted to expand the options available for such attacks, whilst simplifying the system that handles them.

We also wanted some extra fencing moves. Students in most Germanic countries in the Victorian period were allowed special sword-carrying privileges, and fencing was a big part of their culture. In Etherscope, the Reich maintains these traditions. Our rules endeavour to tidy up the rules for attacking weapons and disarming people into one system, whilst also offering a number of new options.

The resulting system, Bind attacks, considers anything you might want to do that relates to or focuses on another persons weapon. This system also affects a number of feats that involve these sorts of attack, such as Improved Disarm and Sunder.

“Etherscope” Core Rule Book, new to the Victorian Adventure Enthusiast Library~

The ability to immerse your consciousness into the Etherscope requires a system that generates a new set of statistics that determine how your character interacts within the Scope. New skills are introduced to handle the creation of your Scope avatar.

Other New Systems: Etherscope has a number of extra systems that add to the existing rules framework. These include the rules for cybernaughtics our cyberware and a new skills-based magic system, amongst others.

In 1874, Harold Wallace discovered something that

Ether, we discovered, is the material of thought itself, and passing into the Etherscope has become a common pastime amongst the worlds elite. The Americans distributed their Scope jacks for next to nothing.

Riding the Etherscope soon became the leading recreational activity. However, the British government, seeing the potential the Etherscope has to subvert and educate their lowest classes, outlawed personal Scope jacks, instead providing licenses to establishments that were allowed to vendor time in the Scope to those whom they considered responsible.

However, the counterculture always finds a way, and soon Scope tabs appeared: drugs that temporarily transfer the users consciousness into Etherspace.

These are, as you can imagine, highly illegal, popular, and tinged with the usual dangers of recreational drugs.But Etherscope extends some d20 concepts a little with social templates and influences. Our new inferior evidence way focuses you to manage more hormonal advertising on your guide and commander. The type of roll you are making often determines the Difficulty Class, as many skills have set DCs for certain actions.

However, there are a number of key differences. The table of contents is hyperlinked, but the links also all lead to the title page. The Metropolitan Riots of occurred when workers in Metropolis went on a city-wide strike to protest their living and working conditions. The Americans distributed their Scope jacks for next to nothing. The Neu Reich consists of Europe and most of Eurasia and it has the world's finest army.