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Aiden's POV Chapter “I'm not saying that.” Against common sense, I closed the distance between us and placed my hands on her shoulders. Her bare skin. Daimon: The Prequel to Half-Blood: a novella/ by Jennifer L. Armentrout – 1st ed. p. cm. . forward, “She will do fine as a Guard, maybe even a Sentinel.”. Sentinel: The Fifth Covenant Novel (Covenant Series) (Volume 5) [Jennifer L. Armentrout] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Originally.

Damn near the size of an army. They have moved to just outsidethe Tennessee Covenant. My brothers and sisters are watching themclosely. If Seth and Lucian went after the Council there, the godswould retaliate again, and more innocent lives would be lost. My choices were to allow myself to become indentured and 13 Armentrouthave everything that I am stripped away from me, or this life, which isone that most likely ensures an early grave.

How is that freedom? And if Lucian is tempting them with theidea of choosing their own destinies, then can we really blame them? Marcus leaned forward, clasping his hands together. He is always accompanied by the First. If one of us is weakened, so are we all. We cannotallow that. The body count will includemortals—possibly millions of them. There is no way that can beavoided. Those four words brought forth images of Alexcradled against my chest, talking about Seth just a few short weeks ago.

It sort of struck me then. None of us—not even the two gods—reallyhad foreseen this a year ago. Armentrout Dionysus stood. It took everything in me not to leave the room and go downstairsto keep vigil over Alex. Solos eyed me and cleared his throat. Therewere never supposed to be two Apollyons—never the possibility of aGod Killer. Stopping, he draggedhis fingers through his hair.

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Armentrout There was the distinct impression that there was more. After a fewmore barbs directed at Apollo, Dionysus vanished, and a little bit of thepressure seeped from the room.

Apollo laughed dryly. I sighed. And it has to do with Alex. Turningback to me, he nodded. We had spies. Hands fisting at my sides, I stalked toward thedoor while Solos continued to gain information from Apollo about theSentinels hunting the Order. Two narrow shadows crept along the wall of the hallway, and I wassure the two thought they had James Bond stealth. More like two of theThree Stooges. How long had they been standing outside the room, andwas I going to strangle them both?

I stepped out. Deacon jumped back, knocking into an equally unprepared Luke. Instead of being angry overhim eavesdropping, I was just relieved that he was here with me, whenthings seemed to be crashing down around us.

I arched a brow. Elixir Luke shook his head. We could help. I knew her ties to those deathshad gotten to Alex. Are you serious?

COVENANT SERIES- Aiden’s POV Chapter 16

I had a decision to make—send them away or treat them like theadults they almost were. Luke was—or had been—months shy ofgraduation. I nodded.

Following theminto the den, I rolled my eyes when Apollo arched a brow. His right handabsently spun a nearby globe. Apollo grimaced, and I knew this was going to be bad. If wecould somehow reach her and break the bond, would she go after Seth?

And did I even want her to? She could get hurt… die. He blinked, and bright blue irises appeared. I had to lookaway, because it reminded me of how Alex hated the god eyes and howApollo toned them down for her. A temporarybreak in the connection was better than nothing.

He pushed off thedesk. Who inthe hell is Ananke? Deacon looked at Apollo, his nose wrinkling. Youwant to put Alex on the Elixir. Apollo,absolutely not. I was like a geyserseconds away from erupting. He stopped beside Marcus. Ananke has assured me that it would break the bond, and theeffects would only be temporary. Because it sounds like it is to me.

At some point, Alex will discoverwhere she is. Then what? Seth will come for her and transfer her powerto him, and it will be all over. There will be no second chances. In that instantI was this close to finding out if I could actually take out a god. Theonly thing that stopped me was the fact that I knew Apollo was trying tohelp us—help Alex.

Apollo looked around the room for help. Solos stepped back, raisinghis hands. Clearly struggling for patience, Apollo paced the den. How I felt for Alex, if there was any doubt heldby those in the room, was now painfully visible.

The thing that had kept her up at night, that hadhaunted her steps like a vengeful ghost. I spun around. Lea stood in the doorway, as tall and thin as her olderhalf-sister had been. Her cinnamon-colored hair was pulled back in a 22 Elixirtight ponytail. Dark shadows spread under her eyes and her cheeks weregaunt. She inched into the room, glancing at Apollo and then the rest ofus. Lea hada point. But the Elixir—that was different.

Lea sat beside Deacon, folding her small hands in her lap. He rubbed his brow, facestrained. As much as I hate the idea of doingthis to her, it will give us more time.

Can you go to them and see what the outcome is? If she willbreak the connection herself? Or if there is some way for us to do so? You knowhow they work, Aiden. Armentrout The threat hung in the air like thick smoke that choked the occupantsof the room. Marcus just looked sad, almost beaten down by it all.

Soloswas pale, probably because he thought Apollo was seconds away fromknocking me through the wall. Lea and Luke stared at the floor, facesdrawn. Did the two younger halfs feel the sharp bite of guilt for agreeingthat Alex needed the Elixir, knowing what it would do, what it wouldmean? They were too young for this—for this shit.

So was Alex. So was I. The only person in the room who now watched me was my brother. A faint, sad smile appeared on his face. I think she would understand why. Ifought the urge to shake it off. And to hit him—to hit something. Buthe was suffering, too. Gods, did I ever know. Alex feared losing herself to the First—to Seth. And it had. Thesting of that festered and rotted inside me, but agreeing to the Elixir wasno better. Stepping away from Marcus, I dragged my fingers through my hair.

No one really talked for a few moments. The silence was as bad asmy threat. Finally, everyone started talking, tossing around more ideas. The best efforts just added to the hopelessness of the situation. Apollo finally approached me. Elixir I wanted him to just leave, but I nodded, and we slipped out andheaded toward the empty kitchen. My steps were quick and harsh.

You forget that I was with you when you hunted downEric. I saw what no one else did—how affected you were by what hadhappened to Alex. And I know what you did to that daimon. I swallowedhard. It has brought down entirecivilizations. Need I remind you of Troy? I laughed darkly. This time—only this time—hasbeen different. Armentroutbut he is not one of mine. Somehow, another god is responsible for him. And none of the gods are claimingresponsibility for him. A smirk graced his lips as he placed the wine back in the rack andthen took a drink.

Whoever is responsiblefor Seth is not claiming him for their own reason—the same reason thatLucian would know spells to keep me out of his home. Because he or shewould know that there is another way to kill the Apollyon.

I can killAlex. Of course he followed. I needed to put myself betweenAlex and… and whoever came for her. Apollo appeared in front of me, blocking my route. I stepped to theside, but he followed.

But if she is about to connect withthe First, I will put her down. And again. Pain tore through me. Putting her on the Elixir gives ustime, Aiden. And we need time. I need time, because I have six familymembers ready to rip into the mortal world. I cannot be here, waitingfor Alex to manage an escape or for Seth to figure out a way to connectwith her.

I have it covered. Armentrout He shot me a dubious look. And while they might not be able to kill her, they will harm her. All I wanted was to go down there, get Alex, and take her faraway from all of this. Lookat this from the perspective of a Sentinel—how you were trained. A job to protect mankind—and toprotect the Hematoi.

That is your duty. And you know what the rightthing to do is. To Alex? You need to choose both. Not eating? Not sleeping? Has she even been drinking water? She needs a breakfrom this, Aiden. And we need time to find a way to end this. Apollo was gone when I glancedover my shoulder, and I was alone.

Alone with a decision I knew I couldnever live with if I made it. Alex was lying on the mattress, curled on her side, back to the door. Maybe she was sleeping, but my heart rate picked up as I reachedinto my pocket, pulling out one of the three keys to the door. Not even a flicker of a muscle. Hopefully, she was sleeping, but my hands shook as I turned thelock and slipped inside, quickly closing and locking the door behind me. I called her name again as I slid the key back into my pocket. Something was wrong.

I rushed to her side and knelt on the edge of the mattress. A mess ofhair hid her face. Pulse pounding, I placed my hand on her still shoulder. Air rushed out of my lungs in a grunt. I fell back, catching myself as shepopped up on her feet.

With a near-feral sound, she came down on me, knees first. Armentroutsomething I would do. Hitting the floor beside me, she threw her legover mine, locking it between her thighs. My brows shot up. Silent and scowling, she went for my pocket. I grabbed her wrist. Scrambling to her feet, she balled her handsinto fists. I haveto go. I need to go to him. The kick was freaking perfect—knee bent at a ninety-degree angleto get the most oomph behind the extension—but I expected it. Usingmy forearm, I blocked the kick instead, using the momentum to send hercrashing to the hard floor, hissing as hot pain jarred my bones.

Alex was incredibly fast when she wanted to be, even more as theApollyon. Spinning around, she jabbed with her elbow and then the heelof her palm. Fighting each other truly was like fightingourselves. Elixir Anticipating a butterfly kick, I darted behind her.

She pivotedaround, swinging her arm. Air rushed over my jaw as I ducked aroundher and wrapped my arm around her waist. I drew her back against mychest, jerking my head back to avoid hers. My first visit is goingto be to your brother! Listen to me. Let them bring it. Starting with that idiot Apollo. Alex reared up, trying to hook her legs around my waist to roll me. I pressed down, using my weight to trap her lower body. Her hands flewat my face, fingers curved into claws.

Snatching her wrists, I pinnedthem down above her head. Armentrout Taking a deep breath, I willed for her to understand me.

You would never act like this. Do youremember how afraid of that you were? What happened to that? My eyes traced the contours of her face. Only you controlled yourlife. No one made decisions for you. I know you can. I know you worked for months onblocking him. Shut him out, Alex, and talk to me. They were beautiful,like a god had placed two topaz jewels in her face, but I hated them. Hated what they meant and stood for.

Your strength is admirable—beautiful.

It is who you are. My chest tightened and the words spilled out of my mouth beforeI could stop them. I love you too much to 32 Elixirlose you. I sucked in a breath, too astonished to feel or think anything other thanthe fact that her eyes were brown—warm, whiskey brown. Her eyes were brown. My heart stopped. It… hurts. With my heart in my throat, I started to let up, but then her eyesopened again and I wanted to rage.

Golden eyes stared back into mine. Alex went wild underneath me. The erratic mix of emotions funneling inside me made it hard to waitthis out. Hope crashed and burned into barb-tipped disappointment thateventually gave way to anger. Alex was in there and she was hurting. Even with the lack of food and sleep, it still took a godsawful amountof time for her to tire herself out.

She thrashed, screamed, kicked andeven tried to bite me. But finally, she grew weary and was panting.

Hurting me like this? Make you feel all big and bad? The damngirl was going to hurt herself. Why couldn't he stay as he was? He could have still been with Alex. Sure, he would have aged but at least then the ending would have been less nauseating. Luke blinked, and anger, hurt, and dozen of other violent emotions still infused his cheeks, but he climbed into the back seat with Deacon. I didn't know someone's cheeks could convey that much emotion. All in all, it was rubbish.

The heroine was a Mary Sue, the hero was a cliched bore, the romance was cheesy, the plot was predictable, the world was decent but since it was a copy of VA, it doesn't get any points for that , the secondary characters were likeable but were given no depth because everything was all about Alex and her issues.

Apr 18, Ray rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Guys is it wrong to think that Alex is preggers?

And not to mention, Apollo's son was like "There is something else here. I was wrong. But I'm really happy with the ending. View all 36 comments. Apr 14, Varsha rated it liked it Shelves: Post reading: All my stars are for the engaging and witty writing, Seth and Apollo. I really don't know how to review this book because I love this series and never thought I'd be disappointed with the final book.

So I'm procrastinating but I will write a proper review Pre reading: I never wanted something like that to happen. Out of everything I have done and caused to happen Hell yeah my Seth is back! Seth honey, I'm here for you: View all 20 comments. Sep 21, Carol [Goodreads Addict] rated it it was amazing Shelves: But when life gives you one seriously ticked off god gunning for your ass, you prepare for war and you hope for paradise. What can I say about coming to the end of this series?

I loved every book, every page and every word. The love story between Alex and Aiden is epic and beautiful. This last book will make you laugh, cry, scream, yell, cheer, cry some more, and sigh, a lot! Alex has been put back together after what Ares did to her. She was put back together on the outside, but will never be the same on the inside. She feels like she is broken, never to be the same again.

She would have preferred death, wished for death, after what he did to her. The next breath I took scalded my throat. He has Lucian, Seth, and an army of halfs, pures and mortals that are under compulsion. Apollo is on their side. But Ares is the god of war. They need someone to train them and help them with strategy. They are forced to awaken a titan, Perses, for this purpose. But can they trust him or will he even agree to help? And what will they have to trade in exchange?

Aiden is forced to make a horrible deal. And then there is Seth, oh Seth! I think in each book of this series my opinion of Seth has changed. The atrocities Seth is responsible for are countless. Will Seth be able to live with what Ares did to Alex? Will he come to his senses? And then there is the love story between Alex and Aiden.

The weight of the world is on their shoulders, literally. But their only happiness is together. Their strength is each other. The sacrifices they are both forced to make killed me. So I tried hard not to give anything away. This series is epic…this book is epic!!! Jennifer Armentrout is a rock star! What are you waiting for. Side note: View all 18 comments.

Oct 09, Penny rated it it was ok Shelves: The demons are gone from this book, they are just an afterthought, which makes the first book pointless. Half-Blood has no correlation whatsoever with the rest of the series. Senseless, and I am still waiting on that copyright sue. Ah, I knew that voice. My heart and my soul knew that voice.

There was a time not all that long ago when I was grappling around trying to find something awesome to read…and I was out of inspiration. In the darkness, Aiden placed his hand over where mine rested on my stomach, and it stayed that way through the night. A world corrupted by laws that put pure-bloods on a pedestal and halfs in servitude for the smallest mistakes, we are swept into this crazy place where a young girl will strive to rise above these outdated laws and restrictions to fight for the love of her life.

As a pure-blood, he was untouchable to me even though I was the Apollyon, and even now he risked everything to be with me. He was my strength when I needed him to be, my friend when I needed someone to talk me down, my equal in a world where by law I would always be less than him, and honest to gods, he was the love of my life.

We have Alex, the half-blood who fell for a pure-blood and knew it could never happen. A girl who was so strong willed she: But how can there be two….? I could read everything in his eyes. Pushing her away when she needed him most, they both suffer from unnecessary heartbreak that pulls you even deeper into this amazing series and makes you beg for more. He would lay down his life to save her, risk it all with a secret compulsion, battle alongside her only to make sure she lives to see another day-even though he is the one who is really in danger of dying.

I was selfish the first time I kissed you, touched you. A dimple appeared. More than once I found myself wishing he would just disappear into oblivion and never come back. He was always a distraction for Alex, someone to challenge her feelings for Aiden, and I never really liked that-but it securely added another intricate layer to these stories that was so desperately needed. Looking back I realize just how much more fun his presence made everything, and I love that he was a part of the journey to where they all are now.

Car keys dangling from his fingertips, Seth passed by us. A race to the finish where no one is safe, even the Apollyons, we watch the story unfold as each character seals their fate, for both good and bad.

It was a beautiful day for war. There is really no way to express how much I loved this series in one review, because we saw each character grow, mature, and become what they were always destined to be. I laughed, I cried, I bawled , and I frantically wished for the best in the worst of scenarios.

I was both surprised and overjoyed with the finale of the Covenant series, and I could even read it again right now.

It was just that good. Forever engrained into my soul, I will never forget the joy I felt when I read each installment. And he would wait forever for me, just as I would wait forever and a day for him. For more of my reviews visit Oct 13, Marie rated it it was ok Shelves: You know when reading you have an image in your head of a character? Well Taylor Kitsch is the closest to my imaginary Seth. Whose your imaginary Seth? Comment and add your pics!

All I wanted from this conclusion was to see Seth happy and ok. I am pissed. First off yeah, I had a nagging feeling that Seth wasn't going to get his girl. Alex is stupid.

But after everything Se You know when reading you have an image in your head of a character? But after everything Seth done to right his wrongs, it still wasn't enough. He gave up everything. What more did people want from him? Yeah he wasn't at his best in the last one, but COME ON, all he wanted was a family, he was manipulated for gods sake in the worse possible way.

And he was screwed over. He went through everything Alex felt in that battle -that Seth had no idea of- with Ares. My heart shattered into millions of pieces for him. He always gets shit on. He never has a happy ending. His whole life has been a burden.

Left alone. No one to call family. Never gets to love or be loved. Even when he dies he can't find peace because he took Aiden's burden and placed it onto himself. I could get over the fact that she picked Aiden but why can't Seth get to be happy? In this book Seth was always there for Alex always looking out for her.

But it seemed that there wasn't many friendship scenes or scenes where they just hung out like old times. He didn't even have a friend really in Alex anymore. Seth is forever to be alone until he dies and then he becomes Hades pet. His life has never been his own! It has always been hell and that's where he's to stay for all of eternity. Seth was always a good guy even though no-one believed in him, trusted him, not really.

And what was that short lived pregnancy plot about, well that was pointless! This was rushed, considering that all 5 novels have been leading up to this big battle, it was disappointing to say the least, it was short, brief and not much happened. Other than meeting Perses the Titan of war and destruction this book was lacking. There needed to be more Seth and Alex scenes, more action, a bigger battle and of course a HEA for Seth, but I'm never going to get that now. Sorry Jen, this book didn't cut it for me.

I am never going to be content with that ending, how can I when my favourite character gets to die only to wake up as Hades pet, lord knows how he's going to be treated and what he's going to have to succumb to.

It's not right he feels constantly guilty because I don't think he's guilty at all. His past was horrid and he was manipulated and forced into something he believed was the right thing and that Alex was never going to get hurt. And eventually he chose right and even though hard he did the right thing, without his help all would be lost.

He was the hero in the end. He shouldn't have been able to take Aiden's place, and it's not right that Alex is ok with Seth's choice. He shouldn't feel so guilty that he felt he owed her his life in order to seek some forgiveness and make up for what happened. Everyone's gets a happy ending except him. How is that ever going to be fair? Without him no one would have a happy ending and in exchange for saving everyone he gets forever as a slave.

I hate this book. I hate what has become of one of my favourite series. And more time needed to be spent on that battle. That's what it was all about! And after 5 books it was a tiny battle. The only good part of this book was in fact the twist with the mighty Titan. Oh yeah I am most certainly pissed. Disappointed Jen, disappointed. View all 30 comments. Jul 18, Jessica rated it really liked it.

This was such a fun series. While it definitely wasn't perfect it was highly entertaining and I would recommend it! May 04, Laz rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This book is a major heartbreak and the ending is a never-ending plot twist.

So much action. So many things happening in this book. This was mind-blowing.

The best conclusion to this series that we could ever get. All I wanted was for Alex and Aiden to be together because this kind of love deserves to keep on thriving on and on until the end of time. I'm grateful to Seth as much as I do not like him, I know he loves Alex and he, technically, does something awe-inspiring fo This book is a major heartbreak and the ending is a never-ending plot twist.

I'm grateful to Seth as much as I do not like him, I know he loves Alex and he, technically, does something awe-inspiring for Alex and well, that made me love him. I am not the type who loves the get-married-have-babies happy ending thing. Hell, I sometimes prefer tragedy. But this book made me cry at first because, yes, I admit that for this book series I wanted a happy ending due to the fact that Alex and Aiden's love makes me feel too much, but then I was so super-extra-duper happy and extremely confused and perhaps a little bit of awed because it was such an amazing plot to bring the two leading characters together and creating the perfect happy ending but also achieving an out of the ordinary happy ending.

I have told this before but these two are the epitome of "two people in love will eventually be together no matter what". A round of applause for Jennifer L. Armentrout because let's not kid ourselves she is awesome and she knows how to compose an incredible world and create characters that you fall in love with.

Feb 27, Mari Hilly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reread update I already knew how everything was going to end but damn I still did cry a river.

Now my face is all sticky. I need to go hide in a corner and awful cry. Damn you book! You know the feeling when you want to throw the book into a wall and then step on it, insult it while crying like a baby and at the same time you want to hug, squeeze it to death because it was just so damn perfect?

That's what I'm feeling now. My mind has gone to Crazy Town Reread update I already knew how everything was going to end but damn I still did cry a river. My mind has gone to Crazy Town and won't be back very soon. I loved everything of this book, but the ending was so bittersweet and I think I need some time to process and accept it. It doesn't help that the series has ended.

And what a war. This last book is all about preparation for war.


It's fast-paced and also covers a so little time. Not gonna lie, I wanted more, but I also think that this was the perfect ending for a magnificent series.

It's one of my favorites. It gave me all the possible imaginable feels on Earth, and I'll never stop thanking JLA for creating it. They conquered a really big part of my heart, and this is something that almost never happens to me. Give me an Aiden who loves me unconditionally. As we walked toward the dean's office, he reached over, trailing his fingers along my arm. The marks had followed the path of his touch. I shook my head. And honestly, every man in this series is perfect but has flaws and is real.

Take Seth: Yeah, you heard me: I have no words. I already loved him so much, but now my love for him has reached the next level. Marry me? Also his breakdown when he discovered that Alex had to die… he loves her so much. I wanted to bear hug him. The things I love the most about this series apart from the boys…? The fact that Alex is so badass.

Girl power, yasss! I just love Alex. My eyes narrowed on him as I raised my free hand and scratched the bridge of my nose… with my middle finger. The fact that everything is funny, even in the worst moments. At the beginning of the book Alex was depressed not her fault but either way I laughed.

Not to mention the other characters. Apollo, WTH? He always interrupts such great moments between Alex and Aiden, and he does it on purpose throughout the entire series even when he wasn't a god ; but in this book he reaches the limit.

Really Apollo, reallyyy? Besides, have Deacon and Apollo actually ….????? You're one to talk! If I was to Google 'irresponsible sexual activity', it would be your picture staring back at me! The fact that everybody goes through major character growth. It's all so well developed that you don't notice it until you read some quotes or think about the previous books.

Then it strikes you. The fact that mythology is used in such an awesome way. This is a sad goodbye, but hey. Wait for me until my first reread. View all 4 comments. Dec 04, Lo Bookfrantic rated it really liked it Shelves: I was a bit disappointed on couple of things on this last book like the way it ended I fell in 4. I fell in love with most of the characters and kind of feel sad to let them go. I will most definatly be reading more of this author's work in the future.

View all 9 comments. This series, I have no words, JLA left me utterly amazed again! I have so many feelings right now. I'm soooo, so extremely happy because of that perfect ending but sad at the same time because it's over. I literally loved everything about the Covenant series. I was captivated by every chapter and thanks to Jennifer's writing style and creative mind I was completely absorbed in the story.

I don't know how she does it, everytime I read a paranormal book written by her I found myself loving every little thing about it. The world building of this story was incredible, I used to read greek mythology when I was young so it brought back old memories. Another thing I really enjoy about JLA writting is that she always makes me fall in love with every character You know that feeling when you start a book and you instantly know that you will love and connect easily with the main character?

The best way to describe her is as a kickass and badass heroine. I asbolutely loved her character, she was so strong, independent and with the best sense of humor, I literally found myself laughing most of the time.

I'm so happy that she finally got her happy ending, she truly deserved it. I wouldn't give up being a Sentinel for the world. Or being the Apollyon. I rock. You're so humble. Open my eyes? Apparently that was asking too much. My breath caught in my throat. His thumb traced the curve of my jaw in such a lovingly familiar way that I wanted to weep.

I wanted—no, needed—to see him. There was a part of me that felt vastly empty. That was it. I felt dead inside. Frustration coursed like acid in my blood. My fingers fisted in the soft sheets as I dragged in a deep breath. He stilled beside me, like he held his breath and waited, then let out a ragged exhale. My heart plummeted. Gods, all I needed to do was open my eyes, not walk a tight rope. That frustration quickly flipped to anger—a soul-deep kind of rage that tasted of hot bitterness.

It had been absent in Olympus, but it was back. Strength poured into me, a torrential downpour of vitality encasing every nerve ending. Every distinct sound in the room was magnified. My own breathing, more steady now, and the deep and slow inhales of the man beside me. Doors opened and shut in the hallway outside the room, and there were voices, muted but distinct.

My skin came alive. Glyphs bled through, swirling across my body in response. But now he was helping me. My eyes flew open. And I saw him. Aiden was on his side, facing me. His hand still cupped my cheek, his thumb smoothing along my skin, and I could feel the marks of the Apollyon gliding toward his touch. His eyes were closed, but I knew he was awake. Thick, sooty ashes fanned the tips of his broad cheekbones.

His dark brown hair was a mess. Waves tumbled over his forehead, brushing the graceful arches of his brows. An ugly, purplish bruise marred his left eye, and I wondered if he could even open it.

There was another violent mark, an astonishing mixture of reds, shadowing the strong line of his jaw. His lips were parted, neck and shoulders tensed. The Covenant in North Carolina no longer stood, but it felt like I was there again, standing in the training room used for novices. And those eyes, flashing between heather gray and quicksilver, had been permanently etched into my memories from that moment on.

Our love had never been easy. As a pure-blood, he was untouchable to me even though I was the Apollyon, and even now he risked everything to be with me.

He was my strength when I needed him to be, my friend when I needed someone to talk me down, my equal in a world where by law I would always be less than him, and honest to gods, he was the love of my life.

And he would wait forever for me, just as I would wait forever and a day for him. Except forever will probably end up being fairly short, whispered an insidious voice, and it was right. Even if I managed to get past all the obstacles between me and Seth, and transfer his power to me, there was no doubt in mind that, even as a God Killer, I was going to have problems fighting Ares.

And if, by some miracle, I survived that, there was a really good chance the other gods would kill me. So why even bother?When she stepped out of this door… that was it—this could never happen again. Jennifer L. One more book?! That was quick. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Uh, what was I not feeling? View all 13 comments.

Alex, Aiden, Seth and the rest will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will continue to relive this utterly perfect series over and over again forever. Man, I needed to shave. It will shut downall of her Apollyon powers, therefore breaking the bond.