Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor - Freemasonry Watch Masonic. Ritual and. Monitor by Malcolm. C. Duncan. []. This book presents details of. Free PDF, epub, site ebook. By Malcolm C. Duncan. With almost illustrations. This book presents details of Masonic initiation rituals, along with grips. Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor by Malcolm C. Duncan. This edition was . Seven Freemasons, viz., six Entered Apprentices and one Master Mason.

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Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor by Malcolm C. Duncan. []. Index Previous ceremony of exalting companions to this Degree, is a recapitulation of . Thanks to Malcom C. Duncan, Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor. 3rd ed. New York: Dick and Fitzgerald Publishers, undated. Secret Masonic Handshakes . VIost Exceffent Master, or Sixtl Degree) loval Arch, or Seventh Degree extracts from a Dictionary of Masonryl Appendixf DUNCAN'S Masonic Ritual and Monitor .

Seven Freemasons, viz.

They assemble in a room well guarded from all cowans and eaves-droppers, in the second or third story as the case may be of some building suitably prepared and furnished for Lodge purposes, which is, by Masons, termed "the Ground Floor of King Solomon's Temple.

Lodge-meetings are arranged as follows, viz.: If Tuesday should be Lodge night, by Masons it would be termed, "Tuesday evening on or before the full of the moon, a regular night.

A petition for the degrees of Masonry is generally received at a "regular" though, as a common thing, Grand Lodges of each State make such arrangements as they may deem best for the regulation of their several subordinate Lodges. At the time of receiving a petition for the degrees of Masonry, the Master appoints a committee of three, whose duty it is to make inquiry after the character of the applicant, and report good or bad, as the case may be, at the next regular meeting, when it is acted upon by the Lodge.

Upon reception of the committee's report, a ballot is had: No business is done in a Lodge of Entered Apprentices, except to initiate a candidate to the First Degree in Masonry, nor is any business done in a Fellow Crafts' Lodge, except to pass a Fellow Craft from the first to the second degree.

To explain more thoroughly: No one is allowed to be present, in any degree of Masonry, except he be one of that same degree or higher.

The Master always wears his hat when presiding as such, but no other officer, in a "Blue Lodge" a "Blue Lodge" is a Lodge of Master Masons, where only three degrees are conferred, viz.: Country Lodges are mostly all "Blue Lodges".

A Lodge of Fellow Craft Masons consists of five, viz.: All the Lodges meet in one room, alike furnished, for the conferring of the different degrees E. The Tyler, perhaps, will say- -Brothers, are you acquainted with our Master, or any of the brethren in the Lodge? Smith, Jones, and Brown will say, perhaps, Yes; or, We can't tell, but pass our names in, and if there are any acquainted with us, they will vouch for our masonic standing.

The Tyler does so, in the manner already described; and, if they are vouched for by either Master or any brother, they are admitted, the Tyler telling them on what degree the Lodge is opened, besides furnishing them with aprons. On the evening of a Lodge-meeting, brethren generally get together at an early hour at the Lodge-room, which has been opened and cleaned out by the Tyler.

On arrival of the Master, and the hour of meeting, the Master repairs to his seat in the east, puts on his hat, 1 sash, yoke, and apron, with gavel in hand, and says: "Brethren will he properly clothed and in order; officers repair to their stations for the purpose of opening. After all are thus seated, the Worshipful Master says: "Is the Tyler present?

If so, let him approach the east. Tyler--Without the inner door. Tyler--To keep off all cowans and eavesdroppers, and not to pass or repass any but such as are duly qualified and have the Worshipful Master's permission.

Repair to your post, and be in the active discharge of your duty. See Note A, Appendix. The Tyler retires to the inside of the outer door of the ante-room, and all Lodge-doors are closed after him.WELL, and, when properly made, form.

By the Page The printers shop was set ablaze and Morgan was abducted and murdered. First or, as the case may be Degr Page The three great lights in Masonr. Pres Page The lecture is as follows: See Note F, Ap Page Supreme Architect of the Universe,.