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army book that acts as a definitive guide to collecting Warhammer: Wood Elves contains the following sections: • The Lords o f Athel Loren. WARSCROLLS. WOOD ELVES. COMPENDIUM Warhammer Age of Sigmar © Games Workshop Ltd. GLADE CAPTAIN. BATTLE STANDARD BEARER. The Wood Elves are an elite army, formed around a core of highly skilled Elf fate of the Warhammer world and, in particular, the noble. Bretonnians and the.

Some revel in malevolence purely for its own sake, others would war against the Elves with all the cunning and might at their command, were they free to do so. As proof, they point to the lugubrious character of its inhabitants and the cinereal colourings of their raiment. There is no joyful song in Ashenhall, they say, just the dirges of Elves who live ever under the shadow of death. It was to guard against this threat that the first Wood Elves planted a fence of waystones in the southeast of Athel Loren, creating the Wildwood —a prison for the most malevolent of forest spirits.

Thus can the Dryads and Treemen found elsewhere in Athel Loren, cruel as they are, be considered the most benign of their kind. Yet the waystone fence alone is not sufficient to indefinitely cage the creatures of the Wildwood. There are Treemen and other elemental colossi within, and their power is more than equal to the task of toppling a few menhirs.

The forest spirits respect this gesture for reasons of their own, and groves of Treemen have sprung up around statues of those Elves beloved of the forest. Woe betide he who interferes with such a shrine. It is the endless task of the Elves of the Wildwood to ensure that the waystones are maintained and thus the prison kept whole.

They do not live in the Cythral itself, and indeed only enter it at times of great need, but instead maintain their halls on the outside of the waystone fence.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Wood Elves

N o realm in all of Athel Loren is so unwelcoming of outsiders, and with good reason. N ot all the creatures of the Wildwood are monstrous of form. Some are seductresses steeped in fey glamour, easily capable of luring mortals into their shadowy embrace. Few of such victims emerge from the Wildwood unharmed. M ost of those that do are mortal creatures no more, their own souls having been devoured and replaced by those of shadow-naiads or deepwood fetchlings.

The Rangers of the Wildwood must be ever on guard for such imposters, and so many outsiders are beheaded and burned for their trespassing. Better that the innocent perish than a changeling escape and insinuate itself into the courts of Athel Loren. It is a realm o f grim prophecy and stark terror, o f endless magic and daemonic malice.

The Wood Elves enter the Dreaming Wood only at times of greatest need, for they know well that there is no surer way to draw thirsting Slaanesh's attention. The Dark Prince's servants everprow! Athel Caiellin, searching for errant Elves, and battling with others o f their kind. Athel Caiellin can only be accessed in places where magic lies heavily upon the land. Many o f these sites fluctuate with the passage o f the seasons, and only serve as portals at high summer, or in the darkest depths o f winter.

Most o f these locations are marked by archways o f vine-tangled white stone, placed as warning to the unwary that the Dreaming Wbod lies beyond. Others are given away only by dark whispers on the breeze and a slight shimmering o f the air, beyond which the glades take on a strangely sinister or unwelcoming aspect.

From the outside, its steep slopes appear to be no more defensible than any other part of Athel Loren. It is only when an invader is drawn beneath the eaves that he discovers that the Pine Crags is in fact a sprawling fortress. Here, the Elves have shaped citadels and strongholds from skycrown oaks, and endless leagues of gnarled and tangled walls from rockbriar.

A maze of walkways and root-braced tunnels bind the various outposts together into a single living defence-work capable of repelling a full-blown Waaagh! M any rising warlords have met their doom amongst the glades of Wydrioth, for bringing an army into the Pine Crags is a much simpler proposition than that of its extrication.

Findol and his court are famously bloodthirsty, and take great joy in slaughtering those who intrude upon their domain. Here too can be found the Feast Halls of the Wardance —the closest thing that the nomadic Wardancers of Athel Loren have to a home.

As a result, the glades of Fyr Darric always resound to the sound of laughter, though much of it is mean-spirited.

Every deception requires a victim, and the consequences can range from wounded pride to a slow death. Never is this more true that at the Festivals of the Equinox, when captives are promised their freedom, if only they can slay a Wardancer in single combat.

None succeed, of course, for the Devotees of Loec are peerless duellists. Any captive who dies to fewer than a hundred cuts is thought to be poor sport indeed. Such creatures love the flame for the warmth and life it gives, but are also wary of it for the harm it can wreak if left untended. Lord Daith, most celebrated of all the Elven smiths, is the master of this realm, and has been for as long as any E lf can recall.

For such to be true, Daith would have to be many thousands of years old —something that would be considered near-impossible in any realm other than timeless Athel Loren. If Daith is truly as old as the rumours tell, he bears little of his great age, for his aspect is that of an E lf in his middle-years. H e is blind, and has been so as long as any have known him, but none of this slows his craftsmanship at the forge.

H e performs his works by touch, and by the way hot metal changes the taste of the air. N or does his lack of vision still his tongue, which is just as fiery as his forge. M any years ago, the foul beast M orghur was slain in the heart of the region, and his blood corrupted the land for many leagues around.

Each year, the Beastmen warherds grow larger, increasing numbers of forest spirits are lost to madness and whole groves of trees wither and perish. Witherhold does not stand alone in its battle against corruption. Yet the blight upon Witherhold cannot be fought with blade and bow alone. The doom overtaking Anmyr is as much spiritual as physical, for the Beastmen are the Children of Chaos, and their deeds are fuelled by the will of the D ark Gods. Here and there, the vista is broken by standing stones, burial cairns and stone circles.

Some of these were built by tribes o f Men in remote antiquity; the origins o f others are a mystery. Most outward o f all are the waystones planted by the first Elves o f Athel Loren.

Even then, they knew the power of the forest, and sought to contain its fury.

This, then, is the Wild Heath; the landscape that forms the borderland o f Athel Loren. It is a boundary ever in motion, with the trees forever straining against the waystone fence that pens them in. On occasion, when summer is at its highest, the trees can even overwhelm the waystones and spill into the lands beyond.


When this happens, the Spellsingers and Spellweavers o f Athel Loren quickly loose their magics in order to coai the trees back to their proper home. They do this not to save the Bretonnian peasantry o f the surrounding lands - though countless lives are doubtless preserved by these actions. Rather, they do it to maintain the tenuous balance by which Athel Loren exists.

Though the instinct o f the trees is to spread their roots across the world, the Elves seek to preserve the unity from which the forest draws its strength. Were its trees and spirits permitted to roam the world beyond, many would perish.

Worse, those that survived would do so only by becoming as cruel and bloodthirsty as the most terrible servants o f the Chaos Gods. Thus do the Wood Elves preserve the forest from itself by first preserving outsiders from the forest.

Time flows strangely under the eaves of Athel Loren; a day can pass in an eye-blink or stretch away into eternity. As a result of all this, the time within Athel Loren rarely overlays precisely with that of the outside world. This is compounded by the fact that time is not even uniform within Athel Loren. W inter never leaves some of the ancient glades, and there are places where the sun burns bright all year round.

Despite the challenges posed by the nature of their realm, the Wood Elves manage to maintain surprisingly accurate records of their own histories. The Wood E lf histories are rarely written down. Instead, they are preserved through the ages by the stories and songs of courtly skalds, and within the ornate ritual performances of the Wardancers —devotees of Loec, the teller of tales. O f the two methods, the latter can be considered the more reliable.

Though the Wardancers are servants of the Trickster God, their dances speak the truth even when their words do not. Skalds, on the other hand, maintain favour with the lords and ladies by embellishing reputations and diminishing failures, and so their songs are prized more for their entertainment than their scrupulous accuracy.

Indeed, the most popular songs are those that take a historical event and weave it into allegorical ballads whose messages are meaningful to all. There is no set trigger that determines when one great season ceases and another begins. The end of an old and the onset of a new is heralded by unfolding events, and it may be that the shift between great seasons goes unmarked until many years after the fact.

In a more rigid society, laxity of this kind would throw all manner of bureaucratic systems into disorder. In Athel Loren, this is simply the way things are done.

In those rare halls where written histories are preserved, they are recorded using a similar method to that used in the Ulthuan society from which the Wood Elves sprang. The great season is given first, following in sequence by year, lesser season and day though the last two are often so subjective in Athel Loren as to render them confusing, at best.

Thus III, , 2, 87 would be the eighty-seventh day in the lesser season of Rebirth, in the two hundred and fifty first year of the Season of Revelation. O f course, Athel Loren existed long before the Elves first settled there, though it is doubtful as to whether any of the spirits of that era even marked the passage of time.

Spellsinger The Spellsinger is the basic wizard in the elven ranks. Like the Spellweavers, they have access to all eight lores of magic, but not high and dark magic. The spellsinger can be upgraded to a higher level wizard. Branchwraith Branchwraiths are the most powerful dryads.

They are only slightly more proficient than dryads in combat, but they can be upgraded to low-level wizards, making them an expensive, but much more durable alternative to the spellsingers.

Core units[ edit ] Glade Riders Forming a friendship of trust and understanding with their horses, Glade Riders move swiftly through the forest branches to bring their deadly bows to bear on the less mobile intruders. Glade Riders are capable of both ranged combat and close combat, though it is often better for them to weaken a target for another unit to assault. They often provide a curtain force on the front ranks, to delay and channel the intruder into a prepared devastating attack by wardancers, dryads, treekin and treemen.

Both Scout and Glade Guard are best suited to ranged combat. According to the background, they are feared throughout the whole world for the deadliness of their archery and rightly so. They also benefit from special rules that allow wood elves to move and fire on the same turn without penalty. Eternal Guard Using a unique fighting form with the asrai spear, Eternal Guard will solidly stand against any who threaten Athel Loren.

Eternal Guard are frequently utilised as bodyguards for Highborn and Noble Elves.

They are the only ones standing between the enemy and the destruction of the forest during winter time. During other seasons they have mostly ceremonial roles and of course, the right hand of the royals. Note that Eternal Guard are only a Core Unit as long as a highborn leads the army.

If otherwise, they are a Special Unit. Dryads Forest spirits that are the embodiment of nature's duality: Beauty and Ferocity. Dryads will lure intruders off roads and trails, then let their sharp branches and thorns teach the intruder the folly of trespassing in Athel Loren. Dryads are some of the most capable assault troops in the Wood Elf host, being fast, strong, tough, fear causing, magically protected and nigh unstoppable.

Special units[ edit ] Wardancers Wardancers are the elven equivalent of berserkers — they have no armor, move fluidly, weave 'dances of death' around their opponents, and are immune to psychological effects such as fear and terror.

In Wood Elf folklore, Wardancers are treated with the utmost respect. Wardancer Kindreds are known for dancing at great feasts and banquets. The dances are known to last for many days and nights. They are highly skilled elves riding agile, giant hawks, and resemble a sort of 'flying cavalry'.

Tree Kin Tree Kin is the name given to the spirits of Athel Loren that bond themselves with dead trees to create an abominable, moving tree monster. They are, in essence, lesser forms of Treemen. Tree Kin tactics closely resemble that of other monsters its size, like a Troll, due to their high toughness and magical ward saves. They are great monsters that induce fear.

Wild Riders As the personal guard of Orion, Wild Riders are aggressive and impulsive cavalry and are much more resilient than Glade Riders.

They have transcended the status of elf and, through Orion have become akin to the forest spirits. They, like all forest spirits, become dormant during the winter but experience a violent rebirth in the spring, raiding lands from allied Bretonnia to the far north.

Killing everyone from Bretonnians, Orcs , Beastmen , and even Wood Elves who accidentally cross paths with the wild hunt. They live in the Grey Mountains, or on the very highest treetops of Athel Loren and have a special connection with elves. Wood elves use eagles as deadly flying monsters. Some heroes of the Wood Elf race are even known to ride them to battle. Treemen Treemen are the most powerful spirits in Athel Loren.

They, unlike Tree Kin, are permanently bound to a living tree, making a connection that only death can sever. Also, Treemen are ancient beings — some are old beyond mortal reckoning — of gigantic size and have many abilities that Tree Kin do not.

One example is the mystical power of tree-singing, which can enable trees to walk or attack nearby enemies, another is strangle root, the ability to shoot roots out to damage enemies a short distance away. They are the best non-hero archers in the game and use similar tactics to scouts. They can pierce armour and even slay the most powerful heroes with just a single shot.

If ever an unfortunate visitor comes to Athel Loren uninvited, he will likely already been spotted by waywatchers. If the visitor is lucky, the waywatchers will guide him out of the forest without showing themselves. If the visitor is unlucky, he will join the many skeletons on the outskirts of the forest, with arrows protruding from both his eye sockets. He is a terrifying sight to behold, standing over ten feet tall and his green skin ripples with muscle.

Although he must die each winter, he is reborn each spring, and reaches the peak of his power in mid-summer.

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Such is the way of things, the "continuation of the never-ending process of death and rebirth". Orion is normally accompanied by his baying hounds and the Wild Riders of Kurnous. Orion counts as both a Lord and a Hero choice. At the height of his power in midsummer, Orion is a terrifying being of majesty and power. And his lithe, green-tinged body ripples with barely contained anger.

As the moons align overhead on midsummer's eve, a beautiful cloak crafted by his Queen is draped over his shoulders, and the great horn of the Wild Hunt is placed reverently before him. As the time of the conjunction draws near, he takes up his weapons from their shrine within the Oak of Ages.

At midnight, Athel Loren goes utterly silent — not a creature stirs — for all know that the ride of the Wild Hunt has come. Drycha Drycha is the most powerful Branchwraith in Athel Loren. The Asrai believe she was driven mad when the blood of the powerful beastman Morghur was spilled in her glade, though in truth, she was malevolent and capricious long before that. She hates all who enter into Athel Loren, and blames the Wood Elves for all the evils that threaten the enchanted forest. In recent years, she and the forest creatures that serve her have taken to attacking villages around Athel Loren, leaving no survivors and showing no mercy.

Wood Elves army book 8th edition Warhammer review

Drycha is believed to have entered the service of Coeddil, a tree-man whose hatred of the Asrai is legendary, and it is rumoured that she is forming a resistance to exterminate the Asrai. She counts as a lord choice and any army led by Drycha may only contain "Forest spirits" refer to the Wood Elves army book. The story of their existence has been retold throughout the ages by the wardancers.

They tell that a small Asrai child, Naestarahan, was lured into the woods by glowing faerie lights to a place where even the Waywatchers feared to tread.Core Units[ edit ] Currently, all Wood Elf Core units are kind of sub-optimal and are no no-brainers.

Just think of this guy as the replacement for the waywatcher kindred hero sadly there is no replacement for the alter kindred. Even then, they knew the power of the forest, and sought to contain its fury.

Like nature itself, they can appear as fickle and capricious as the winter chill, yet also as warm as the summer sun. Soul Stealer: Direct Damage.

Charge him along with your Wild Riders or Warhawk Riders into something.

You can go nuts with Power of Darkness and never worry about it, if it lands right. Swiftshiver Shards: 4 points per model confers multiple shot, making your Glade Guards into Dark Elf repeater crossbowmen.