PDF | 15 minutes read | A packed bed type scrubbing system using the locally available packing materials is capable of reducing 30 to Nos, Articles, Date. 11, Shadow of death, New. 10, Tears, New. 9, presence, New . 8, I am His Son, New. 7, gonddetheppolad.cf, 29/11/ 6, Gods gonddetheppolad.cf, 23/11/. Tamil Books. AADHI . This book had 11 Articles about the Indian Rivers. INDIAN This book is about the Tamil lands in Sangam literature. IRAVIN.

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Tamil articles and stories for personal inspiration, Bible studies, Tamil newsletters , Tamil Magazine and religious periodicals | gonddetheppolad.cf gonddetheppolad.cf» Tamil» Articles» Page: 1. PDF 17 / 7 / , 17/5/ This is an article in Tamil shows how Islam preserves the chastity of woman. List of popular Tamil magazines covering entertainment, fashion, style, sports, movies, List of Tamil magazines contains articles about Tamil movies, music.

After registering a period of high linear growth in several metrics on a lower base, the Tamil Wikipedia started witnessing, around April , a low linear growth on a higher base in several quantitative metrics.

This period, however, also showed a perceivably super-linear growth in article quality aspects like length, standard of prose, image use, inline citation usage, etc. Late to early was a period characterised by a near constant number of active and very active editors, a steady influx of new and occasional editors, a healthy, enthusiastic and continuity-preserving churn, and, above all, optimism for a promising future. The three distinct phases noted in the History section are shown in the accompanying chart.

The number of very active Wikipedians not in chart has also grown well. With the recent workshops and the planned events, we hope to hit a hockey-stick growth phase in the second half of The premise behind the hope is the following: Other metrics like article length etc.

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Given this, if the number of active users increases super-linearly due to the recent outreach efforts and the consequent mainstream media attention, content growth will really take on to a higher plane. Tamil Wikipedia has had a diverse set of editors from the beginning. The editors are from various professions—engineers, scientists, academics, students, administrators, self-employed people, etc.

Editors are aged between 15 [9] and 85 years, with a non-uniform but remarkably not power law distribution in between. Educational qualifications and income levels too vary across the spectrum.


Based on some available monitoring tools, it has been identified that there are approximately 60, page requests each day. Except a small initiative to display Wikipedia badges in blogs in late , and one instance of media outreach, there have not been any planned activities to bring more readers and editors to Tamil Wikipedia.

But, from the beginning of , three workshops [16] were organised by Wikipedians during which the participants were introduced to the Tamil Wikipedia, explained about its philosophy and usefullness, and tutored on typing in Tamil and basic editing.

Half a dozen introductory talks were delivered in meetups of other groups.

These have been conducted in colleges including the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, [17] workplaces, [18] and special interest clubs. These workshops and talks have shown a good impact by way of bringing new active editors from various backgrounds.

However, Tamil Wiktionary is the one project that has matured and grown well. Mainly seeded by an automated bot [19] adding entries from technical dictionaries, the Tamil Wiktionary reached more than 1,00, entries and was featured on the main Wiktionary page for sometime. It has attracted more editors since then, and, at this stage, its sustenance and future growth is guaranteed.

Tamil, with a long and rich literary tradition, has numerous public domain works available. Because of this, there is ample scope for Wikisource to grow. The other Tamil Wiki projects are still in bootstrapping stage and there is also some new-found interest in starting a Wikispecies project in Tamil as well. Tamil and Malayalam Wikipedias top the quality metrics. Tamil Wikipedians monitor the changes regularly.

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Educational website for undergrads. Pratheeba Patil will be inaugurating the World.

விக்கிப்பீடியா:Tamil Wikipedia: A Case Study

Tamil conference in the forenoon. Tamil literary researchers from over forty countries have registered for the conference.

A background in the basics of business is often a key to making the most of a graduate business or management program.The first comprehensive modern encyclopaedia was published from to as a 10 volume set. In a market with established local players — Indhu Tamizh Thisai has created a strong brand presence and is one of the fastest growing Tamil dailies.

Tabernacle Shadows. This period, however, also showed a perceivably super-linear growth in article quality aspects like length, standard of prose, image use, inline citation usage, etc. The general attitude in India for code mixing is not negative.

Unto the Perfect Day. Click on book. Introduction Chennai, known until as Madras, is the 5th largest city in India, according to the Census of India.