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Download the second book in the Fifty Shades trilogy Fifty Shades Darker from Reading Sanctuary. Easily Download the Latest version of Fifty shades Darker PDF From This website Fifty Shades Darker PDF - Latest Edition. k views · View 2 Upvoters. fifty shades of grey trilogy ebook pdf - wordpress - fifty shades trilogy. first part of the fifty shades series that traces the deepening relation between two greatly publicized through word of mouth.2 the fifty shades trilogy has attracted a large.

Honestly, the audacity of this manthis man who has put me through hell over t he last few days. No, thats wrong. Ive put myself through hell. Its him. I shak e my head, confused. I dont want to ght with you, Anastasia. I want you back, and I want you healthy, he says. But nothings changed. Youre still fty shades. Were here. The car pulls up in front of the gallery, and Christian climbs out, leaving me speechless.

He opens the car door for me, and I clamber out. Why do you do that? My voice is louder than I expected. Do what? Chris tian is taken aback. Say something like that and then just stop. Anastasia, were her e. Where you want to be. Lets do this and then talk. I dont particularly want a sc ene in the street. I glance around. Hes right. Its too public. I press my lips toge ther as he glares down at me. Okay, I mutter sulkily.

Clasping my hand, he takes m e into the building. We are in a converted warehousebrick walls, dark wood oors, w hite ceilings, and white pipe work. Its airy and modern, and there are several pe ople wandering across the gallery oor, sipping wine and admiring Joss work.

For a m oment, my troubles melt away as I grasp that Jos has realized his dream. Way to g o, Jos! Good evening and welcome to Jos Rodriguezs show. A young woman dressed in bla ck with very short brown hair, bright red lipstick, and large hooped earrings gr eets us. She glances brie y at me, then much longer than is strictly necessary at Christian, then turns back to me, blinking as she blushes. My brow creases. Hes m ineor was. I try hard not to scowl at her.

As her eyes regain their focus, she bl inks again. Oh, its you, Ana. Well want your take on all this, too. Grinning, she ha nds me a brochure and directs me to a table laden with drinks and snacks. You kno w her? Christian frowns. I shake my head, equally puzzled. He shrugs, distracted.

What would you like to drink? Ill have a glass of white wine, thank you. His brow fu rrows, but he holds his tongue and heads for the open bar. Jos comes barreling through a throng of people. Holy cow! Hes wearing a suit. H e looks good and hes beaming at me. He enfolds me in his arms, hugging me hard. A nd its all I can do not to burst into tears. My friend, hes my only friend while K ate is away.

Tears pool in my eyes. Ana, Im so glad you made it, he whispers in my ear. Abruptly he holds me at arms length, examining me. Hey are you okay? You look, well, odd. Dios mo, have you lost weight? I blink back my tears not him too. Jo s, Im ne. Im just so happy for you. Congratulations on the show.

My voice wavers as I see the concern etched on his oh-so-familiar face, but I have to hold myself to gether. How did you get here? Christian brought me, I say, suddenly apprehe nsive.

Joss face falls and he releases me. Where is he? His expression darkens. Ov r there, fetching drinks. I nod in Christians direction and notice that hes exchang ing pleasantries with someone waiting in line. Christian glances up and our eyes lock. And in that brief moment, Im paralyzed, staring at the impossibly handsome man who gazes at me with some unfathomable emotion.

His gaze hot, burning into me, and were lost for a moment staring at each other. Holy cow. This beautif ul man wants me back, and deep down inside me sweet joy slowly unfurls like a mo rning glory in the early dawn.

Jos distracts me, and Im dragged back to the her e and now. Jos, the journalist from the Portland Printz i s here to see you.

Come on. She gives me a polite smile. How cool is this? The fam e.

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He grins, and I cant help but grin backhes so happy. Catch you later, Ana. He kisse s my Copyright E. Joss photographs are everywhere, and in some cases, blown up onto huge canvases. There are both monochromes and colors. Theres an ethereal beauty to ma ny of the landscapes. In one taken near the lake at Vancouver, its early evening and pink clouds are re ected in the stillness of the water. Brie y, Im transported by the tranquility and the peace.

Its stunning. Christian joins me, and hands me my glass of white wine. Does it come up to scratch? My voice sounds more normal. He looks quizzically at me. The wine.

Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian

Rarely does at these kinds of events. The bo ys quite talented, isnt he? Christian is admiring the lake photo.

Why else do you th ink I asked him to take your portrait? The pride is obvious in my voice. His eyes glide impassively from the photograph to me. Christian Grey?

The photographer fro m the Portland Printz approaches Christian.

Can I have a picture, sir? Christi an hides his scowl. I step back, but he grabs my hand and pulls me to his side. The photographer looks at both of us and cant hide his surprise. Grey, thank y ou. He snaps a couple of photos. Ana Steele, I reply. Thank you, Miss Steele. He scurries off. I looked for pictures of you with dates on the Inte rnet. There arent any. Thats why Kate thought you were gay. Christians mouth twitche s into a smile. That explains your inappropriate question.

No, I dont do dates, An astasiaonly with you. But you know that. His voice is quiet with sincerity. So you never took yourI glance around nervously to check no one can overhear ussubs out? Some times. Not on dates. Shopping, you know. He shrugs, his eyes not leaving mine.

I dont know wha t to feel about that. Just you, Anastasia, he whispers. I blush and stare down at my ngers. In his own way, he does care about me. Your friend here seems more of a landscape man, not portraits.

Lets look around. I take his outstretched hand. We w ander past a few more prints, and I notice a couple nodding at me, smiling broad ly as if they know me.

It must be because Im with Christian, but one young man is blatantly staring. We turn the corner, and I see why Ive been getting stran ge looks. Hanging on the far wall are seven huge portraitsof me. I stare blankly at them, stupe ed, the blood draining from my face. Me: pouting, laughing, scowlin g, serious, amused. All in super close up, all in black and white. Holy shit! I remember Jos messing with the camera on a couple of occasions when he was visitin g and when Id been out with him as driver and photographers assistant.

He took sna pshots, or so I thought. Not these invasive candid shots. Christian is staring, trans xed, at each of the pictures in turn. Seems Im not the only one, he mutters cry ptically, his mouth settling into a hard line. I think hes angry. Excuse me, he say s, pinning me with his bright gaze for a moment. He heads to the reception desk. Whats his problem now? He shes out his wallet and produces his credit card. He must have bought one of them.

Youre the muse.

These photographs are terri c. A young man with a shock of bright blond hair startles me. I feel a hand at my elbow and Christian is back. Youre a lucky guy.

Blond Shock says to Christian , who gives him a cold stare. That I am, he mutters darkly, as he pulls me over to one side. One of these? You bought more than one? He rolls his eyes. I bought them all, Anastasia.

I dont want some stranger ogling you in the privacy of their home. My rst inclination is to laugh. Youd rather it was you? I scoff. He glares down at me, caught off guard b y my audacity, I think, but hes trying to hide his amusement.

Frankly, yes. Pervert, I mouth at him and bite my lower lip to prevent my smile. His mouth drops open, and now his amusement is obvious. He strokes his chin thoughtfully. Cant argue wit h that assessment, Anastasia. He shakes his head, and his eyes soften with humor. Id discuss it further with you, but Ive signed an NDA.

He sighs, gazing at me, and his eyes darken. What Id like to do to your smart mouth, he murmurs. I gasp, knowin g full well what he means. Youre very rude. I try to sound shocked and succeed. Has he no boundaries? He smirks, amused then frowns. You look very relaxed in these photographs, Anastasia. I dont see you like that very often. Change of subjecttalk about non sequitur from playful to serious.

I ush and glance down at m y ngers. He tilts my head back, and I inhale sharply at the contact with his ngers. I want you that relaxed with me, he whispers. All trace of humor has gone. Deep inside me that joy stirs again. But how can this be? We have issues. You have to stop intimidating me if you want that, I snap.

You have to learn to communicate an d tell me how you feel, he snaps back, eyes blazing. Christian, you wanted me as a submissive. Thats where the pr oblem lies. Its in the de nition of a submissive you e-mailed it to me once.

I pause, trying to recall the wording. I think the synonyms were, and I quote, compliant, pliant, amenable, passive, tractable, resigned, patient, docile, tame, subdued. I wasnt supposed to look at you. Not talk to you unless you gave me permission to do so. What do you expect? I hiss at him. His frown deepens as I continue.

Its very confusing being with you. You dont want me to defy you, but then you like my smar t mouth. You want obedience, except when you dont, so you can punish me. I just do nt know which way is up when Im with you. He narrows his eyes. Good point well made, as usual, Miss Steele. His voice is frigid. Come, lets go eat.

Weve only been here fo r half an hour. Youve seen the photos; youve spoken to the boy. His name is Jos. You ken to Josthe man who, the last time I met him, was trying to push his tongue into your reluctant mouth while you were drunk and sick, he snarls.

Hes never hit me, I spit at him. Christian scowls, fury emanating from every pore. Thats a low blow, A nastasia, he whispers menacingly. I pale, and Christian runs his hands through hi s hair, bristling with barely contained anger. I glare back at him. Im taking you for something to eat. Youre fading away in front of me. Find the boy, say good-by e.

Please, can we stay longer? Say good-bye. I glower at him, my blood b oiling. Damned Control Freak. Angry is good. Angry is better than tearful. I drag my gaze away from him and scan the room for Jos.

Hes talking to a group of y oung women. I stalk off toward him and away from Fifty. Just because he brought me here, I have to do as he says? Who the hell does he think he is? One of them gasps as I approach, no doub t recognizing me from the portraits. Excuse me, girls. Jos grins at them and puts his arm around me, and on some level Im amusedJos all smooth, impressing the ladies.

You look mad, he says. I have to go, I mutter mulishly. You just got here. I k ow but Christian needs to get back. The pictures are fantastic, Josyoure very talen ted. He beams. It was so cool seeing you. Jose sweeps me into a big bear hug, spinn ing me so I can see Christian across the gallery. Hes scowling, and I realize its because Im in Joss arms. So in a very calculating move, I wrap my arms around Joss ne ck.

I think Christian is going to expire.

50 Shades Darker Sex Excerpts

It makes me feel powerful, strong, desired and loved—loved by this captivating, complicated man, whom I love in return with all my heart.

He pushes harder and harder, his breathing ragged, losing himself in me as I lose myself in him. And when Christian and Ana can't sleep, they sometimes play on a piano, which is exactly what happens the time Ana wakes up and goes looking for Christian. I know what he's going to do, and the anticipation I groan loudly as he kisses the inside of my knee, then kisses, and sucks, and nips his way higher up my leg to my thigh.

The soft satin of my nightgown rises higher, skimming over my sensitized skin, as he pushes the fabric. I flex my feet and the chords sound again. Closing my eyes, I surrender myself to him as his mouth reaches the apex of my thighs.

Fifty Shades Darker

It's about as vulnerable as we see him get. I lean forward and steady myself with my hands on his chest. And he calls out, his cry almost a sob, and he thrusts deep inside me. He does, however, bring one of the toys out of the playroom and into the bedroom—a spreader bar. Because I can't close my legs, or move, it's intense, really intense. My back arches as I try to absorb the sensations. I gape at the people in front of us, staring at the backs of their heads. They have no idea what we're up to.

Wrapping his free arm around my waist, Christian pulls me to him, holding me in place as his fingers explore. Holy fucking shit The elevator travels smoothly down, stopping at the fifty-third floor to let some more people on, but I am not paying attention.

I am focused on every little move his fingers make. Circling around Oh, this is so quick, but after all his tantalizing teasing, I want him badly—right now.

He gazes down at me as he rolls on the condom, then puts his hands under my thighs, spreading my legs wider. So naturally, they sexily undress each other in the shower. As you do. He smiles that lopsided smile and lifts his hands in a gesture that says 'I'm all yours, baby. I make short work of his zipper, and soon his pants and boxers join the rest of our clothing.

It means that individually these novels are not as well received by audiences as the original. Unfortunately, that is the same as the movies. Freed and Darker are movies are as successful as they are because of the first Fifty Shades of Grey book and not even necessarily the first movie. She is now working at Seattle publishing house.

But Grey and Ana manage to resite their sensual relationship during an unplanned trip. Christian is still battling with his dark past and Anastasia has to deal with the women that came with that past. She has a very important decision to make regarding her future with Mr.He shakes his head, and his eyes soften with humor. Im so rry we cant stay longer, but we need to head back to Seattle.

Jos grins at them and puts his arm around me, and on some level Im amusedJos all smooth, impressing the ladies.

Which brings me to my 3rd point. Youve had a stellar rst week, Ana. Jack asks as he strolls past my desk on his way out.