pdf. FREE SPACE LASER COMMUNICATIONS SEMINAR REPORT REFERENCES ABSTRACT Laser communications offer a. Laser Communication report, Laser Communication ppt download, Laser Communication pdf, Laser Communication, Laser Communication fundamentals . Full Seminar Report on Laser Communications with PPT Presentation. Laser communication systems offer many advantages over radio.

Laser Communication Seminar Report Pdf

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Seminar report on. LASER COMMUNICATION. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of ECE. SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED. Free download complete engineering seminar Laser Communications Seminar Report pdf. Explore Laser Communications with Free Download of Seminar Report and PPT in PDF and DOC Format. Also Explore the Seminar Topics.


Taking advantage of this brighter beam or higher gain permits the laser communication designer to come up with a system that has a much smaller antenna than the RF system and further, need to transmit much less power than the RF system for the same receiver power. However, since it is much harder to point, acquisition of the other satellite terminal is more difficult.

Laser Communications Seminar Report and ppt

Some advantages of laser communications over RF are smaller antenna size, lower weight, lower power and minimal integration impact on the satellite. Laser communication is capable of much higher data rates than RF. Download Seminar Report on Laser communications. Download Laser communications PPT.

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Laser Communications Seminar Report pdf

Li-Fi is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes LEDs for data tran Blockchain Technology Seminar Report.

A blockchain is essentially a distributed d Recent Seminar Topics.

They work similar to fiber optic cable systems except the beam is transmitted through open space. The carrier used for the transmission of this signal is generated by either a high power LED or a laser diode. The laser systems operate in the near infrared region of the spectrum.

Free Space Laser Communications

The laser light across the link is at a wavelength of between - nm. Two parallel beams are used, one for transmission and one for reception.

Acquisition And Tracking There are three basic steps to laser communication: acquisition, tracking, and communications.

Of the three, acquisition is generally the most difficult; angular tracking is usually the easiest. Communications depends on bandwidth or data rate, but is generally easier than acquisition unless very high data rates are required.

Acquisition is the most difficult because laser beams are typically much smaller than the area of uncertainty.

Satellites do not know exactly where they are or where the other platform is located, and since everything moves with some degree of uncertainty, they cannot take very long to search or the reference is lost. Instability of the platforms also causes uncertainty in time.

In the ideal acquisition method, the beam width of the source is greater than the angle of uncertainty in the location of receiver. The receiver field of includes the location uncertainty of the transmitter.


Unfortunately, this ideal method requires a significant amount of laser power. It is possible to operate a number of laser types at high peak power and low duty cycle to make acquisition easier.

This is because a lower pulse rate is needed for acquisition than for tracking and communications.

High peak power pulses more easily overcome the receiver set threshold and keep the false alarm rate low. A low duty cycle transmitter gives high peak power, yet requires less average power, and is thus a suitable source for acquisition.In the ideal acquisition method, shown in Figure 4, the beamwidth of the source is greater than the angle of uncertainty in the location of receiver. Click here to sign up.

There are two distributions: one when a signal is present including the amount of photocurrent due to background and dark current in the detector , and one when there is no signal present including only the nonsignal current sources.

Receiver The receiver involves: In the RF domain, quantum noise is quite low, while thermal noise predominates and does not vary with frequency in the microwave region. The major differences between the link types are reflected in the required signal criterion for each.