Backgammon eBook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. How to become a Backgammon Hog by Stefan Gueth. Origin. Backgammon is one of the more ancient board games still played. It seems to be created years ago, in Mesopotamia. In any case, the first written. pdf ebook is one of digital edition of Gut Ecology that can be search along internet in backlinks for free and rank your website on googles page 1,etica la regla 2,southeast home landscaping 3rd edition,backgammon for serious player.

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This is very dangerous when bearing off against opposition. Many games which should have been won are lost when a blot is hit during the bear off. Diagram4 Exercise 3: Set up as Diagram 4, with an opponent on the bar.

How to become a Backgammon Hog by Stefan Gueth

If white rolls a 6 it must be a 6 not 42, or 51 or 33 as these are blocked on his turn he will hit our blot and force us to restart from the bar in his inner board - and, whilst there is a man on the bar, no other piece can be moved until it has re-entered, sort of like rolling a 6 in ludo to start a man.

If you are on the bar and cannot re-enter then no other men can be moved and your move is forfeit. This is often called dancing or fanning and, if you have any blots exposed it is likely that your opponent can hit them too!

With this in mind assuming that white never re-enters on his roll except when there's a blot to hit play the remaining rolls as safely as you can bearing off when you can and down when you can't: 32, 42, 62, and 62 leaving this position. Diagram4A Now, it is getting quite difficult to take men off without leaving a blot - do you know how many rolls leave a blot next time?

Don't forget that as you are using two dice each roll is in fact two rolls! To explain: Imagine you are using two different coloured dice, one red, one white and you roll a 32; with the red die on 3 and the white die on 2, but it could be the other way around, white die on 3 red die on 2 and still be only one move, In fact, using two dice there are 36 combinations of dice rolls; so plenty to choose from!

Back to the position in Diagram 4A above: how many of those 36 possible rolls will force a blot? Don't cheat by looking at the correct answer, write them all down. You should have 25 rolls that leave a blot or a quicker way to do it is there are 11 that dont: 61, 51, 41, 31, 21, and Exercise 4: Practice a few bear offs with a man on the bar setting up Diagram 4 and see if you can avoid leaving blots.

It's not always possible to do so, but, often, with a little forethought you can considerably reduce the chances of doing so.

This expertise is essential in playing winning backgammon and it is well worth the time taken to master it. One tip is to try to keep your top two points evenly distributed, looking for the bad rolls next time.

Once you've mastered the tactic of bearing off safely against opposition from the bar we'll move to opposition within your home board. Diagram 5 Set up your home board as in Diagram 5 with white holding your 1-point with 3 men. Now, using the same numbers as before, 61, 32, 42, 62, 62 bear off safely to arrive at the position shown in Diagram 5A below. Diagram 5A If you calculate how many rolls leave a blot next time, the answer is 6, 65, 64, Practice bearing off with white occupying two or more points or with a combination of men on points or blots and on the bar; in fact any combination you can think of and keep doing this until you are happy with your bearing off against opposition.

This knowledge is paramount in winning games in which you are leading; without it you will lose them even from such a strong racing lead. Move on to the next section only when you are ready.

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Bearing in safely As you can see in Diagram 1 the board is divided into four segments with points numbered 1 to 24, where 24 to 19 are in your opponent's inner board and points 6 to 1 are in your inner board.

The two remaining segments points 18 to 7 are the outer boards; points 12 to 7 being your outer board and 18 to 13 being your opponents outer board. Like in draughts men are moved around the board in opposing directions, in backgammon one player moves clockwise and the other anticlockwise you - black. Before we get to the entire board and the opening positions, let's deal with bringing men into your home board from the outer board.

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Set up as in Diagram 6. Diagram 6 Using the usual rolls, 61, 32, 42, 62 bear in bring men into your home board safely. Remember, if a blot is hit it has to restart off the bar into the opponent's home board, a loss of 24 pips in the race.

A pip is the number of dice dots on the face of a die. The correct move is to play from the point; but; you can't move the 6 to the 5-point because white occupies it, so how do you do it?

Easily; remember after diagram 2 I explained that you can move either die first? Now for the From this position roll your own dice and bear in and off as safely as you can.

When you have finished set up the position in Diagram 6 as often as necessary and practice bearing in and off until you are confident with bearing in and off against opposition. Try to keep any blots you have to leave down to a minimum. Look to the next roll each time and try to predict, using your knowledge of the 36 dice combinations, which is the safer play.

So, now we know how to deal with moving from one table to the other and avoiding wherever possible leaving blots, let's look at the beginning of the game in Diagram 7. Diagram 7 This is the starting position for you black going in an anticlockwise direction; turn the board around to view the starting position for white you can play in either direction with both home board tables to your left as for white.

Captured pieces get into the board starting from the first triangle of the own route. In the 16th century, Elizabethan laws and church regulations prohibited playing tables, but by the 18th century, backgammon was popular among the English clergy.

Such a move adds greatly to the risk of having to face the doubling cube coming back at 8 times its original value when first doubling the opponent offered bacogammon 2 points, counter offered at 16 points should the luck of the dice change.

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After the opening, backgammon players frequently rely bacgammon some established general strategies, combining and switching among them to adapt to the changing conditions of a game. This obstructs opposing checkers that are behind the prime. The game has been strongly solvedmeaning that exact equities are available for all 32 million possible positions.

A checker may never land on a point bac,gammon by two or more opposing checkers; thus, no point is ever occupied by checkers from both players simultaneously. As in backgammon, Zeno could not move to a space occupied by two opponent black pieces.

It won the match, 7—1, becoming the first computer program to defeat a world champion in any board game.

Les fletxes estan agrupades en quatre compartiments o quadres. If the players roll the same number, they must roll again.

On any roll, a player must move according to the numbers on both dice if it is at all possible to do so.

Wikimedia Commons or simply Bacogammon is an online repository of free-use images, reglas del backgammon, and other media files.

The Metropolitan Museum of Backgamomn Bulletin.

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Cada jugador tira un dau. Khosrow asks for three days to decipher the game, but initially no-one teglas the court is able to make any progress. List of World Backgammon champions. After the opening, backgammon players frequently rely on some established general strategies, backgammom and switching among them to adapt to the changing conditions of a game. Se han quitado fallos, malas traducciones, erratas y. The objective of the game is to be first to bear offi. This section may be confusing or unclear to readers.The Journal of Hellenic Studies.

In fact, using two dice there are 36 combinations of dice rolls; so plenty to choose from! Bets and end of the match Explained rules are enough for a casual play, just one only game; but usually the goal is to reach a certain score during several games match play.

It's not always possible to do so, but, often, with a little forethought you can considerably reduce the chances of doing so. However at 32 I'm lucky to say it has only happened to me austrian gambling license. Loaded and crooked dice are designed to favor some results over others for purposes of cheating or amusement. The material covered is very similar to 'Backgammon to Win' but it is written in the Dummies house style which you either like or not.

Try to keep any blots you have to leave down to a minimum. If your refrigerator water dispenser is dispensing either no or slow water, here is what to check to fix it.

Alhora d'aquesta manera un jugador s'assegura fletxes obertes per tornar a fer entrar les seves peces capturades.