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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Born with green skin and huge teeth, like a dragon, Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years Book 1) - site edition by Gregory Maguire. Collection: Wicked, Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men, and Out of Oz (eBook Bundle)site Edition. download Wicked (Portuguese Edition): Read site Store Reviews - gonddetheppolad.cf Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. By Gregory Maguire. Prologue. On the Yellow Brick Road. A mile above Oz, the Witch balanced on.

Capa comum Compra verificada. Compra verificada. I find Maguire's writing to be self-indulgent, and often needlessly vague. He creates complex, deep characters and then refuses to reveal them to his reader.

He sets up subplots that don't seem to go anywhere. He created a fully-developed world with a political scheme, mythology, and socioeconomic structure, then forces you to try and guess what is happening with it based on his chosen narrator's limited point of view. Elphaba was intriguing. Her "son" is uninteresting and grumbling, stumbling through this interesting world without bothering to share it with the reader.

This book was frustrating, and ultimately unsatisfying for me. Sort of like ordering food because the picture on the menu was gorgeous, but when it arrives it was obviously heated in a microwave after being left on the counter too long. At the beginning of the book, Liir is found unconscious by stagecoach driver Oatsie Manglehand and is brought to the nunnery to recuperate. The head nun recognized Liir as being the same boy that had gone off with Elphaba many years before.

While at the convent, Liir was cared for by Candle, who played a string instrument that caused memories of the past to surface. Thus, we find out much of what happened to Liir from the time he left the convent, as a boy, and the time he returned unconscious.

From the first book, we know that Liir had remained with Elphaba at Kiamo Ko, the home of her lover, Fiyero, with Fiyero's family; they remain after the family is kidnapped. At the end of the first book, Elphaba has been killed inadvertently by Dorothy.

This leaves Liir to fend for himself and to try and discover who he is, since Elphaba has not told him anything, because she, herself, is unaware of all the circumstances of Liir's birth. Interwoven with Liir's own story are the politics and religions of Oz. There has been much fighting among the different groups of Oz, because the Wizard has instigated suspicions between the groups, so he could go in and acquire the resources of those areas.

The book is a page turner because you want to find out what has happened to Liir and how the politics of Oz affects the trajectory of Liir's life after he leaves the convent upon his recovery.

Throughout his various wanderings and work situations, Liir looks for Nor, one of Fiyero's daughters, whom he bonded with at Kiamo Ko.

If she were still alive, she could be in the Southstairs prison, a horrible place from which very few escaped, and many were never seen again. This creates suspense as to if Nor is still alive and where she is. Many characters come and go throughout the book, each filling in a part of Liir's background and leading him to his eventual path in life.

I just finished the audio cd of "Wicked" and enjoyed it so much I turned around and bought the audio cd of "Son of a Witch. I know a few folks said to hang in there, it gets better, but it was hard to stay motivated. I finished, but only to see it through to the end! First, Gregory Maguire reads this version and to be honest, I was sorely missing John Mcdonough from the "Wicked" audio cd. While I can understand the author wanting to read his own work, his tone was dry and incredibly flat, while his rythym was choppy.

He followed each word with a pause as if the reader would get lost if he didn't read slowly enough. Perhaps if I had not heard Mcdonough's version so recently I would not have such a strong opinion here, but this bordered on painful.

The storyline, as others have pointed out, leaves a lot to be desired. I read a review in the hardcover section by someone that said they were surprised it got past the publisher. I agree with that assessment.

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Although Liir's character was being developed and this was a sort of bildungsroman, the story didn't manage to keep me interested enough in him to really want to know his story. Yes, we had a preconceived idea of the Witch and that kept us going in "Wicked", but so did the storytelling. The storytelling here focuses too heavily on small and seemingly unimportant or forgettable details about characters that are never resolved clearly than it does on developing even the most basic of personalities for Liir himself.

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I enjoyed escaping to Oz -- albeit a very different Oz than Judy Garland's! Iain M Banks: Frontpage Deal. Do you want to tell us about your story from the anthology? Some sort of a biography of the wicked witch of the west and explains how she may seemed wicked to people around her at the time she was portrayed in the wizard of oz.